We are pleased to have you join the Centre for Flexible Learning team this upcoming Winter 2017 term. This page was created with you in mind and provides insight to our history, the team, past projects, and upcoming events and activities you will expect to see.

  • Start Date: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
  • Time: 10:00AM
  • Dress Code: Business Casual
  • Location: Faculty of Continuing Education - 8 The Seneca Way, Markham, ON
  • Lunch: Will be provided

Upon arrival to the Faculty Continuing Education & Training desk, ask for Anh Lam

The Centre for Flexible Learning (cFLEX) works closely with academic areas across Seneca and corporate clients to create dynamic and engaging online learning experiences. cFLEX has also established external collaborative partnerships with other Colleges to produce fully online programs. Our developed content includes degree, diploma, and post-grad level courses as well as online corporate training for a variety of clients.


Multiple methods of representation, progression, and instantaneous feedback.


Asynchronous - learn anytime anywhere.


Dynammic design facilitates meaningful student/student, student/content, and student/facilitator interaction.


Rigorous review processes to ensure compliance with recognized industry standards (Quality Matters Rubric, UDL, AODA, etc.)

Karen Spiers


Tony Fu

Sr. Technical Specialist

Courtney Trott

Project Manager

Anh Lam

Project Lead Developer

Jelena Mancic

Sr. Developer

Gaming and Gender

Hockey Hall of Fame

Environmental Site Assessment

Treating Challenging Behaviours

Ethics and Professionalism

Parent and Staff Training

Specialized Instructional Stretegies

Research Methods

"The Centre for Flexible Learning is a great work environment that focuses on collaboration and learning. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in elearning, design, development, and project management, as well as hard skills such as the Adobe Creative Suite. There is a big focus on teamwork, meaning that co-op students are able to work closely to solve problems and learn from one another. The best thing about working for cFLEX is that there are plenty of opportunities for learning development - students are encouraged to take additional training to improve their skills in whatever areas of design and development interest them.

-Michelle Fujita

Working with the cFLEX team opened up my understanding of practical and educational design. From project management to stakeholder interaction and graphics design, I had a fantastic work term and was able to expand my skills and personal strengths. Working alongside a supportive and talented group encouraged me to learn more and push myself further.

-Lauren Rabindranath

Working at Seneca has given me the opportunity to further develop my artistic and creative skills through online and on-site training. Over the course of my work term, I have become proficient in Adobe Illustrator and design graphics almost every day. I have also gained experience with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Audition. I am given a lot of creative freedom which allows me to explore unique ways to make the student’s learning experience more enjoyable.

-Sarah Moreau

If there’s one thing that makes CFLEX stand apart from other workplaces, it is the amazing team you get to work with. I learned so much as a developer; about design and how to use and create elaborate interactions on Articulate Storyline that are able to really engage students. I got the opportunity to acquire, apply and fortify my design experience which for me was the most rewarding aspect of this role. You're a valuable member of a team here, your opinion and ideas are welcomed and that made all the difference.

-Jessica Chang

Working at Seneca College's Centre for Flexible Learning was such a great opportunity! It was the first time I had worked in an office setting and the first time I worked with Articulate Storyline, but the staff created such a welcoming and encouraging environment that I never felt out of place. They focused on our development and ensured that we had all the time and resources to learn the required programs needed on the job. I walked out of my co-op experience completely comfortable working with Articulate Storyline, and I was able to further develop my Adobe Creative Suite skills. As well, I was able to gain a great amount of knowledge about e-Learning and UX design. I am so thankful for the cFlex team for providing me with an unforgettable experience!

-Adrienne Kasiban

As a math student, I developed a lot of skills and had a good time with my co-workers in the four months at Seneca College- cFLEX. We used Articulate Storyline normally, but I also learned Illustrator from my co-workers. Everyone was willing to help and the environment was open. We always shared ideas and gave each other suggestions.

-Jingyi Liu

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the orientation process or our work here in the Centre for Flexible Learning please feel free to contact us. In the meantime we very much look forward to working with you all.